Adil Hiani – Les Moutons Ivres EP



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Artists: Adil Hiani | San Proper | Sonja Moonear
Title: Les Moutons Ivres EP
Format: Vinyl
Cat: Cosmo007
Release Date: February 2013


A1- Adil Hiani – Les Moutons Ivres
A2- Adil Hiani feat. Reda Cherif – Le Bisous Anonyme (Sonja Moonear Paris Texas remix)
B1- Adil Hiani & San Proper – Les Moutons Ivres (Beverly Plains Cosmo Mix version 13)
B2- Adil Hiani & San Proper – Les Moutons Ivres (Moutons Ivres Drunk Disco Drop 9)
About the release:

Here comes Adil Hiani, known to be one of the rulers over the Casablanca Cosmo(s), with a fresh and snappy impression from the countryside. And with a wink of the drunken eye…
The floor is soft and juicy, every step on it makes the body feel more flexible, ready to receive foreign rhythms. Adil Hiani’s original version of “Les Moutons Ivres” is an invitation to follow, but mind to keep pace: the track is a straight forward mover with an imperative to hold the flock together. The direction is straight up the hill to make the crowd sweat a little bit more than usual during their dance workout. There is no rest, except for drinking and chatting amusement while still in motion. And to enjoy small wonders of unexpected hallucinations. Like sheep with chimes around their necks that play a Christmas song. Actually, we all like moments like that which appear to be unreal, don’t we? Take a deep breath, and onward into the freshness of an after hour morning with an expanded view of the universe that smells like teen sheep spirit.
You will enjoy the party to continue forever when listening to the dizzyness of “Les Moutons Ivres” in a high-proof freestyle mode: marching music for a funky youth sets the floor on fire while everybody involved feels hilariously cute and funny. Together with Adil, San Proper, the Amsterdam-based master of a soaring flow, puts his magic hands on the track to make its soul grow to dope dimensions. One of the most reduced basslines imaginable encourages the additional players to deliver their finest freakout to go with the propulsive beat. Obviously drunk with the groove, the most ecstatic sheep on the dancefloor could only find fault with the fact that this “Beverly Plains Cosmo” version is much too short with a length of 7’13”.
But eventually there’s no worries, since Hiani’s and Proper’s “Drunk Disco Drop” version heats the atmosphere up to an even higher emotional degree. A tool like a time bomb, this remix keeps itself and the thirsty crowd’s desire simmering while announcing its outburst potential every now and then. In the midst of restrained energy and a hypnotic, looped-based tempting overture, the intoxication level rises just at the right moment to keep the collective rapture coming like the cork out of a champagne bottle (sexual connotation intended). Jolly hot!
Just like those kisses which are not anonymous at all as the title “Le Bisous Anonyme” purports to announce. In fact they are officially sent here by the charming queen of the groove, Sonja Moonear. And what a smart groove construction she concocts. Heavily stimulating ankles and hips in an extravagantly syncopated manner, the beat on her “Paris Texas” remix serves as a transporter medium where kisses surf on delays of wistful slide guitar melodies played by Reda Cherif. Which keeps the dancers comfortably dizzy in their heads and souls.

words by Peter Weiss.

Where to Buy:
Bandcamp – (Germany) (Germany) (Germany)Fatplastics (Germany) (Germany)Music Head (Germany)Juno records (U.K)Vinyl Underground (U.K)Frequenze shop (Italy)
K-records (Belgium)
Technique (Japan)Diskunion (Japan)JetSet records (Japan)Halcyon (U.S.A)

Some Feedbacks:

“Download. Thanks.”
“sickkkkkk release”
Konrad Black
“Woah this record is amazing…thanks for sending me the promo. I look forward to more in the future. The original is great. Sonja’s mix is crazy good…I love it.”
Jakob Seidensticker (Wareika)
“super Sonja Moonear Remix!”
Florian Schirmacher (Wareika)
“full support,nice release, thx”
“supercool! sonja’s remix and beverly plains cosmo mix are ace! thank you for this xxx”
Loco Dice
Valentino Kanzyani
“Sonja’s remix is my fav here, will download them all and check them properly later.. Sounds interesting the package.. All the best… Valentino ”
Andrew Grant
“Beverly Plains Cosmo mix is damn fantastic”
Tobi Neumann
“Very good package! The original is my favorite which is good. Sonjaʻs remix and Moutons Remixes are well done as well! Thanks! Tobi”
Tania Vulcano
“nice ep like all the tracks are great. i will play sonja’s mix and beverly plains cosmo mix”
“will download. thank you for good music!”
“Great Remixes by Sonja and San+Adil. Superb!”
“checking it out . thanks”
Ray Okpara
Vincent Lemieux
“Great remix by Sonja and a really cool release all around. Good job and thanks again for the promo. ”
“SUPER SHOOT!!! i knew the original from long time… All versions are amazing! i really love this EP! Sonja you rocks, i love your remix!!! (tu sais que c’est ton petit cowboy qui te parle ah…) LOVE
Federico Molinari
“very nice rmxs…”
Francesco Assenza
“love the trippy sheeps in the original and sonja’s remix thank you for sending will play a lot”
De:Bug Magazine
“considering for review”
Groove Magazine
“thanks for the music”
Dana Ruh
“NICE EP… for every moment there is something!!Thanks for the music!!! ”
“considering for review”
Felipe Venegas
“great tracks like always, thanks adil!”
Mathias Schaffhäuser
“yeah, finally a good record after dozens of stereotype promos today. this music is unique, crazy, funny and courageous. chapeau. will play + chart.”
Tsugi Magazine
“coool ep tx”
Tiefschwarz (Ali)
“killer release. i love it.”
“nice vibes, supported & noticed by”
“2 be reviewed on I Voice.”
Alex Flitsch
“sonja moonear remix for me…”
Brothers Vibe
“Nice! Thanks!”
Terry Francis
“like this”
“Reeeeally good !! Will play A1 for sure ! Thanks !!”
Michel Cleis
“great ep!! sonja and beverly plains cosmo mix are my fav!!! full support”
TJ Norris (Journalist)
“Cool record – interesting the sound of Beverly Plains cosmo mix.”
Jesse Siminski (Heartthrob)
“Very cool music! Nice variety of grooves. Excited to download and give them a whirl! ”
“yeah great ep ! i will play for sure.and i can’t pick a fav now..i need to give a try ! thx !”
Someone Else
“beverly mix and ivres mix for me.”
“very nice tracks and remixes, tnx! ”
Mark Henning
“great ep!”
Gel Abril
“cool grooves on sonja remix tnx!”
Paco Osuna
“downloaded thanks :)”
Mihai Popoviciu
“les moutons ivres original and sonja’s remix for me! cool grooves!”
Franco Bianco
“Great release! Thanks for the music! :)”
Chris Carrier
“cool Drunk disco mix”
“Fantastic EP !!”
“download thanks”
Nadine Kreuzahler (Fritz Radio)
“nice! full support! Nightflight, Radio Fritz.”