Mambotur (Chile)


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Argenis Brito and Pier Bucci have been producing Mambotur since the year 2000, their idea was always the fusion of electronic sounds and latin american music.

At the beginning they had a brief period of live performances in Santiago de Chile.
Signed by Multicolor Recordings from Frankfurt, Mambotur decided to moved to Germany on the spring of 2002 and release their first album “Atina Latino”, reaching an unexpected level of success and reputation on the european electronic music scene.

Since their arrival they spent their time performing live and working for the next album “Al Frente”, released on 2005 with a very good reception from the media and public.
In this period of time, the project developed a more sophisticated and personal sound.

In the spring of 2012, Mambotur presents their latest creation; “Elemental”, a new album including 10 original tracks, showing the trajectory and evolution of this south american duo in the last decade. Flamboyant and harmonic motion between electronic digits and latin american soul.