Out NOW: Argenis Brito & Pier Bucci – Rabat EP


Artists: Pier Bucci | Argenis Brito
Title: Rabat EP
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Cat: Cosmo004 / Limited
Release Date: 20 Feb 2012

Cosmo Records presents its new EP: “Rabat”. Out on vinyl, this deep release was produced in COSMO’s studio in Casablanca, Morocco with Argenis Brito, Pier Bucci and three special guests: Maalem Yassine, Senhaji and Danny (USA).

COSMO has chosen Argenis and Pier for many reasons. First because they have a heavy background on acoustic music (Senor Coconut..). Second those two producers are from south america, and that gives them a special signa- ture. Thanks to their culture, their productions are very colourful. Third, after many releases on different labels, their experience push them to have a wide variety of productions.Maâlem Yassine handles the guembri, a three stringed skin-covered bass (an instrument that has the same acoustic function as the membrane on a banjo and has a mystical cavernous sound). Senhaji handles vocals and plays the derbouka and Bendir, a kind of Middle-Eastern drums. Danny plays the trumpet, he used the bendir (Arabic percussions) at the bottom to have a special dirty sound.

The EP opens with «White House» from Argenis Brito. The track covering deeper territory in a sweaty, organic house workout.. The kick is very groovy and all the sounds around are more deepful. The trumpet chords gives a sensation of energy. The arabic vocal has been reworked yet still sound very traditional.
Pier Buci closes the EP with the longest track. This time, the guembri is not used as a lead bass, but more as a background bass wich gives a sensation of warmth in the track..The track is composed of different parties, it begins very minimal and closed very deepful.

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