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A noble musician/composer who practices broad creation from electronic music to acoustic movie sound track in all over the world and writes music basing on his own stance and point of view.Hanno had appeared in electro scene with huge impact of his original sound that album, which had been released as Multiphonic Ensemble from Belgian “Sub Rosa” imprint in 1997 had. This album had highly acclaimed as “giant step of electronics music” and “most important electronics album in last few years.” and his existence had drawn attention of the people suddenly.

In 1998, he collaborated with Ex-Japan member for the album that was released in Japan, U.K. and USA. Also in the same year, he was commissioned to perform Maurice Ravel’s “Pavane For A Dead Princess” with full orchestra of NJP (New Japan Philharmonic orchestra). He restructured the famous masterpiece and received the enthusiastic praise.
Also he released his 1st album under Yoshihiro Hanno name. This album that has universal beauty received the many compliments from artist like Jim O’Rourke, Ryuichi Sakamoto etc… Also he had entered into the world of movie in the same year and dealt with score for the film “flowers of Shanghai” that is directed by Asian movie master Hou Hsiao-Hsien. It was his first experience for doing movie’s sound track and had been highly acclaimed being invited to the Cannes Film Festival as official exhibited work for its competition class. Hanno who also went to the place by himself had evaluated as “discovering of new movie sound track composer” by the local press. And he had get international fame also as composer for film score doing ones including “Platform” which is directed by film director ‘Jia Zhang-ke’ (Venezia Film Festival ‘the NETPAC Award’, Nantes Film Festival-GrandPrix, Buenos Aires Film Festsival-GrandPrix), “Cannon” which is directed by film director Isao Yukisada, “All tomorrow’s parties” which is directed by film director ‘Yu Likwai’ (exhibited work for Cannes Film Festival) and so on.
In 1999, in his Multiphonic Ensemble alias, he released his 2nd album . The music was inspired by the masterpiece of Georges Rouault ”circus” is the concept of whole music and filed with the joy of freedom of creation, and has a lot of energy of music born.

In 2000, he was musical director along with for the Yomiuri TV soup opera . Also, became part of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s unit “CODE” which collaborated with him which was named and released a special CD and Book Set. And he had also started his own label “Cirque” same year.The original computer music which is sent through here has been getting huge acclaim from all over the world.
Since 2001, Hanno had been developing more world-wide activities basing on both Paris and Tokyo. He has been enthusiastically doing a lot of live performances at each European countries like U.K, France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium, including taking part in “Radical Fashion” with Bjork and so on. In 2002, he had released album from Japanese brand-new electronic music imprint “PROGRESSIVE FOrM” and highly acclaimed from both domestic and foreign media.

In 2003, Hanno had released his most brilliant work (the one which Arto Lindsey who is well known in NY Avant grade scene and Joan La Barbara who is famous for vocal performance in John Cage’s works also participates in.) that contains the results of all his career spending 4 years to make and it should be expressed as masterpiece from Sony. Ultimate beauty and sound of that album had get overwhelming support and made existence of his marvelous musical talent sure. And the magnificent concert which had featured Lido Ensemble that is organized by 22 musicians including the wind instrument in Tokyo had completely succeeded. And Hanno is releasing latest type of minimal electro album, which collects dynamism of Hip hop, Dub and Jazz under name of from PROGRESSIVE FOrM in 2004.The album which features female singer and African-French rapper was also released from French imprint “Logistic records” in world wide.