OUT NOW: Adil Hiani & Masomenos – Casablanca EP

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Artists: Masomenos | Adil Hiani
Title: Casablanca EP
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Cat: Cosmo002
Release: 9 May 2011

After the first exclusive VA on Beatport, Cosmo Records is back with their first EP, “Casablanca”. Out on both vinyl and digital, this very hypnotic release was produced in a studio in Casablanca, Morocco with Masomenos, Adil Hiani and two special guests, Maalem Hassan and Senhaji.

The EP opens with ‘Post-Communism in Casablanca’. This track, a live recording, tells the story of a young overconfident man who was so blindly bold and mislead by the belief in his superior power that he believed he could fly. He eventually falls to his death after jumping from a mountain.
‘Les Hommes du Bois Sacré’ is a groovy track featuring an African sorcerer boasting about how his skills prevent fear of scared visions in the forest.
The EP closes with a long, crazy, live recording called ‘Le Cas Barettes’ in which the guembri takes the lead.

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