Masomenos & Adil Hiani – Casablanca EP

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Artists: Masomenos | Adil Hiani
Title: Casablanca EP
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Cat: Cosmo002
Release: 9 May 2011


A1. Masomenos – Post-Communism in Casablanca
A2. Adil Hiani – Les Hommes du Bois Sacre
B1. Masomenos – Le Cas Barettes

About the release.
After a first exclusive VA on Beatport, Cosmo Records is back with their first EP, “Casablanca”. Out on both vinyl and digital, this very hypnotic release was produced in a studio in Casablanca, Morocco with Masomenos, Adil Hiani and two special guests, Maalem Hassan and Senhaji.
Hassan handles the vocals & a three stringed skin-covered bass called the guembri (an instrument that has the same acoustic function as the membrane on a banjo and has a mystical cavernous sound). Senhaji handles vocals and plays the derbouka, an oriental Middle-Eastern drum.
The EP opens with ‘Post-Communism in Casablanca’. This track, a live recording, tells the story of a young overconfident man who was so blindly bold and mislead by the belief in his superior power that he believed he could fly. He eventually falls to his death after jumping from a mountain.
‘Les Hommes du Bois Sacré’ is a groovy track featuring an African sorcerer boasting about how his skills prevent fear of scared visions in the forest.
The EP closes with a long, crazy, live recording called ‘Le Cas Barettes’ in which the guembri takes the lead.

Where to buy:

Vinyl > Bandcamp – Decks records (Germany)Freebase records (Germany) (Germany)Space Hall (Germany) (Germany)Music Head (Germany)Vinyl24 (Germany)Fatplastics (Germany)Phonica records (U.K)Technique (Japan)Diskunion (Japan)iMusic (Denmark)Halcyon (USA)

Digital > Bandcamp BeatportWhatpeopleplay

Some Feedbacks:

Anja Schneider :
Love Masomenos will play !!!!!! sexy.
Stephan Bodzin :
excellent stuff.
Marco (Italoboyz) :
very nice release, especially le cas barretes! super trip!!
Tiefschwarz :
great release!
Damian Lazarus :
A2. on the new lazpod, Siick music!
Radio – 1Live GER/Klaus Fiehe :
Quite good package with relaxed and loose atmospheres.
Dejan Radojevic (City Fox) :
a2 ist mein absoluter favorit! killer intro welches man unbendingt auslaufen lassen sollte!! sehr musikalisch. super. im break könnte man die stimme des ziegenhirten auch weglassen 😉 b1 ist auch cool
Anthony Collins :
very nice release.
Alexander Barck (Jazzanova) :
This release touches me but I have to proof why !? Does this make sense to you ? A2
Luke Solomon :
A2 is killer radio support from me
Silicone Soul :
wonderful vibe & a really great collaboration!
Brendon Moeller :
yeah, groovy house bizniz!
XLR8R Magazine :
pretty special stuff. unique.