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Artist: Mambotur
Featuring: Jorge Gonzalez | Miguel Toro
Title: Elemental
Format: CD
Artwork: / Pier Bucci
Cat: Cosmo006CD
Release Date: May 2013


01. Desde que te vi
02. Besos de Caramelo
03. Planes
04. Lengua Mala
05. Raska-man
06. Viceversa
07. Wadiño
08. I Demand
09. Fuego
10. Reflejos

About the release:

It is hard to believe that Mambotur’s last official manifestation hit the stores and listeners’ ears such a long time ago – back in 2005. To jog your memory: The duo’s second album “Al Frente”, as well as their debut “Atina.Latino” (2002), provided the soul and passion that emerges from the rich flavours of traditional Latin American rhythms with a tailor-made, state-of-the-art sound design. You can definitely say that Mambotur were musically ahead (“al frente”) when realizing their Latinotronica vision of an ideal fusion of music and party cultures – and it is wonderful to hear that they still are! And that they even improved their Soulware by presenting their brand-new album “Elemental” on COSMO records.

A seven years span between their last release and the upcoming one does not mean that Argenis Brito and Pier Bucci took a break to recollect. On the contrary: constantly and tireless they are travelling the world, both musically independent from each other, but also as a team. While on tour, when infecting clubs and international events with their exuberant live music energy, they are in the fortunate position of being able to collect the most colourful party vibes from every corner of the world.
Now it is time to give some of these vibes in new shape back to the listeners: which will be nothing short of an essence, the elemental spirit that keeps the mind and the body in a state of blissful balance. Caracas-born Argenis Brito and Chilean Pier Bucci invited Chilean superstar-singer Jorge González and Venezuelan percussionist Miguel Toro to join them on their trip.
“Elemental” is a trip of a special kind. It feels like travelling the most lighthearted of all worlds and experiencing its finest relaxing grooves that are charged with the vitality of the four elements (“Desde Que Te Vi”). Sparkling beats beyond gravity are caressed by abreeze of love (“Besos De Caramelo”). Like pearls on a string they roll smoothly while following the soft curves of remote valleys and mountains from the musicians’ mother countries.

Speckled soundscapes create moving patterns which resemble a shadow play of swinging treetops. This transformation of pulsating rhythms from Mambolectro to Cumbia Dub into a botanical kind of dance conjures up a nature in full sonic bloom (“Planes”). Light-footed dancers with their heads in the clouds don’t have to mind their steps here.
Some other sounds seem to follow the lively arrangement of waterdrops on colourful petals. This watercolour impression paints the atmosphere of secret feelings and longing wishes out of a floating dream. Argenis’ tenderly melting voice foretells in a charming way that these wishes may come true. Then again, sounds glow like falling stars to shed a light on a chilling path through the woods that is home to the elastic roots of Latin American dances (“Lengua Mala”).
Eventually, natural reflections and vibrancy set bodies in motion, causing a romantic encounter of body temperatures (“Reflejos”). The club seems to be far away from technology and has an overwhelming view to the ocean. Every adventure in search of the love for nature begins here, to propagate in dreams (“Viceversa”). However, if there wasn’t club culture at all, “Raska-man” did not have a slow-motion Acid feeling but would rather be a reference to a nocturnal shaman fiesta. Nutrients of the night ascend with every measure. They are disseminated by a groove of flickering flames that reflect an excited state of mind (“Fuego”).

You will imagine that every song was born organically from a traditional session that developed completely out of inspiration and found its way directly idea-to-disc. If you enjoy staying here for a while and found “Elemental” to be an ideal realm where the spirit feels the breath of bliss of paradise, nevertheless “don’t forget to go home” (“Wadiño”).

words by Peter Weiss.

Where to Buy:

Bandcamp – (Germany)
Decks (Germany)Phonica records (U.K)Juno (U.K)

Some Feedbacks:

FM4 (Austria)
great album for the summer pls send cd copy
Medellin Style (Colombia)
oh yes. Mambotur is back!! and I’m happy for this one!! Full support!
Tsugi Mag (France)
Coool one!
Trax Mag (France)
Will review it (of course) for Trax Magazine June’s edition! Along with Mambotur’s album.
Tris Kayo (Radio Monaco)
wow!!! what a great album, im almost thinking of playing the whole thing on my radio shows, not sure how well that would go down with my boss’ tho, great vibes, really well produced and an other wordly kinda vibe going on here. cheers, FULL SUPPORT on all radio shows, thanks again!!! love it!!
Timon engelhard (Groove Mag) (Germany)
fantastic summer soundtrack.
Michael ruetten (Radio X) (Germany)
beach music for downtown adventures in summer. . . . . full album promo please. merci bien, muchas gracias.
Mark milz (Radio Corax) (Germany)
planes & “fuego” are blowin’ me away !!! really would love to have the full release for review !!!
Konrad Black (Wagon Repair)
PLANES!!!! Really really drunk…really really drunk… and want to die….and be born again…” It’s an excellent album. Nice work guys! I will listen to it as I practice dancing Salsa…
Nathan Jonson (Wagon Repair)
wow what a lovely album! thanks very much!
Dj Mag Italia
considering for review on DJ Mag Italia
Dennis Ruyer (Radio538) (Netherlands)
in search for downtempo stuff for my show lovin Besos de Caramelo & Raska man ..
Jean Louis (Ibiza-Voice)
2 be feature on Mambotur interview
Andy Wilson (Ibiza Sonica)
some good songs on here, and in spanish too is always a bonus for Ibiza radio ! so far liking Viceversa most
Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio)
funny and fresh,,, will try it in my radio shows
Craig Richards (Fabric)
raska man and fuego are super
Justin boyd (KRTU Radio) (USA)
Great feeling on this album, really nice to listen to by the pool

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