Mambotur – Elemental remixes EP.2

Artist: Mambotur
Remixers: Cab Drivers, Luc Ringeisen
Title: Elemental Remixes Part 2
Cat. No.: COSMO013
Format: Vinyl only

About the release:

Mambotur is the long-standing collaborative project from two of South America’s foremost electronic producers, Argenis Brito and Pier Bucci. Back in 2013 they released their third album, Elemental, on Cosmo Records in a shimmering fusion of their Latin roots and their position at the cutting edge of modern electronic music. It was the perfect extension of the Cosmo Records mission, to bridge the gap between folk music tradition and the dizzying potential of modern sonic processes.

Following on from the first remix EP, which featured Ricardo Villalobos and Masomenos, five years later we return to the project with a new cast of characters ready to work Mambotur’s original material into exciting new shapes. First up come DaP, an alias of Cab Drivers’ Daniel Paul and Zky. The label heads behind the legendary Cabinet Records turn “Raska-Man” into a light and summery dub house concoction rich in layers of shifting chords and limber percussion.

Luc Ringeisen, spotted on labels such as PUAS PUAS and his own Vinylclub, brings a more overtly modern approach to “Wadino”, filling the mix with Brito’s heavily processed vocals and psychedelic splashes of synths while a steadfast groove rolls away underneath.

On the B-side, Paul and Zky return in their most famous guise for a Cab Drivers version of “Desde Que Te Vi”, which finds the renowned pair embarking on an engrossing trip through looping melodic motifs and delicate rhythms underpinned by a warm, bubbly acid bassline.

As with the first remix EP, this vinyl release also gives a fresh airing to one of Mambotur’s original tracks from Elemental, “I Demand”. With its snaking drums and sparse dubby pulses it makes for the perfect dancefloor soother, imbued with meditative energy that harks back to the transcendental roots of dance music new and old.

With the full album Elemental being re-released alongside it, this remix EP is the perfect opportunity to revisit a hidden gem of Latin-infused electronica from two of the scene’s most gifted producers. The contributions from the guest remixers expand on the intention of Cosmo Records to keep pushing on this concept of cross-cultural sonic fusion, and through thoughtful curation the results are as stunning as ever.